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Caring for your wedding gown

May and June are the traditional wedding months, particularly in the United States. A wedding gown is much more than just a dress, it is a treasure, a symbol of an important event in your life. Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves your attention, both before and after the wedding.

After the Wedding, most brides want to preserve their gown as a keepsake, particularly if the gown is an heirloom. Cleaning industry experts recommend that you have your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.

The gown may have invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oils. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. Therefore, it is important to point out any stains or spills to your cleaner before cleaning. Most wedding gowns have some sort of decorative trim. It is important to inspect these trims with your cleaner prior to cleaning since some trims are not made to withstand the drycleaning process. Some beads and glitter are made of plastics or covered with surface coatings that are not solvent-resistant. In many of these cases, the trim becomes separated from the dress or altered in some way.

In some cases, decorative trims yellow as the finishes oxidize. An ivory or ecru trim may lose its color and no longer match the gown if a dye component is lost in cleaning. Color failures of this type are due to poor colorfastness of the dye, not to improper cleaning.

Special Care Instructions

When it comes time to clean your gown, take it to your cleaner for professional drycleaning or wetcleaning. There are many specially trained cleaners who can assist you with storage of your gown for a fair and reasonable price, making it unnecessary to send your gown away for cleaning and storage. The most important factor to consider in wedding gown storage is that your gown must be properly cleaned before storage. Be sure that you feel comfortable with your professional cleaner’s reputation before taking your wedding gown to be cleaned. Problems arise after a wedding gown is cleaned and all concerned discover that there is no safe or satisfactory method to restore the gown to its original appearance.

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