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Drying Pointers

Drying is just as important as washing, and though many of us simply toss the wet clothing into the dryer, there are ways to improve your look and protect your wardrobe. When it comes time to dry your next load, try following these easy steps to get less wrinkles, shorter drying times, and safer drying.

Sort by fiber content and weight: Heavier garments might require more heat and time than light garments. To get the most out of your machine, and your time, sort loads accordingly.

Do not overload dryer: Overloading causes more wrinkles and longer drying times. It can also overburden your dryer and shorten its life.

Select drying temperature by fiber content: Some fibers, such as polyesters and acrylics, will be damaged by too much heat. When in doubt, it is best to dry on low heat and air dry to finish.

Fold or hang garments immediately after drying: This helps ward off wrinkles and keep your clothes looking fresh. This can also help garments dry out if there is any water remaining after the cycle.

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