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Recycling Dry Cleaning Hangers

If you are a frequent drycleaning customer, you may have more hangers in your closet than you know what to do with. Rather than throw out the ones you are not reusing, why not recycle them by returning them to us? More than just freeing up closet space, recycling hangers is good for the environment […]

Simple Rules For Winter Clothing Storage

Now that winter is over, it’s time to store away all those winter clothes until next season. Follow these simple rules to keep your winter fashions looking good season after season. Wash and dryclean everything before storage. Some stains that are now invisible may darken with age. Dirt and food are also invitations to insects. […]

Clothing Stains – Help Us Help You

Bring a stained garment to us as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting. Show us the location of stains and tell us any removal procedures you may have attempted before turning to us for help. Never put a garment away for the season without it being cleaned. Every year we see garments […]

New Website

We have brand spanking new website thanks to our friends at Pillar Creative. We hope you like it. You’ll notice a lot of changes. Not only did the style and layout change but we added some new functionality as well.

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