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Which fabrics are recommended for dry cleaning?
Wool, silk and acetate fabrics are most appropriate for dry cleaning. Also any fabrics trimmed in suede or leather. Pieces embellished with fancy beading, pearls, rhinestones or sequins, fine “designer” knit suits, and most sweaters are great candidates, too.

What causes yellowing and/or fabric damage?
Exposure to heat or the passage of time can cause stains from food, beverages and other oily substances to oxidize and turn yellow or brown. Once stains become yellow or brown, they are much more difficult to treat and often cannot be removed. Some fabrics react negatively to common chemicals such as antiperspirant, perfume and aftershave.

Applying these common chemicals before you dress can help avoid fabric breakdown or discoloration, but over a period of time damage can take place. Repeated contact to perspiration will eventually lead to permanent yellowing that is commonly seen on shirts and blouses.

Is dry cleaning really dry?
Drycleaning isn’t dry at all. It is called “drycleaning” because solvents are used in place of water. Water is considered “wet”. If you were to look through the front window of one of today’s drycleaning machines, it looks like a large front loading washing machine, and the clothes appear to get very wet. They get “wet” by drycleaning solvent. Drycleaning solvents remove oily stains without shrinking most fabrics. Most drycleaning machines (because of EPA regulations) are now cleaned and dried in the same machine.

I think my shirts are shrinking. Other than how they feel when I wear them, how can I be sure?
Industry standards allow for a normal shrinkage of two percent. This is usually not enough to notice. Shrinkage beyond this is usually due to poorly stabilized materials. To be sure, measure the collar and sleeve length. Measure the collar from the beginning of the button hole to the center of the button. Measure the sleeve length in a straight line from the center of the back of the collar to the end of the cuff. If these measurements correspond to the shirt size, it has not shrunk.

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